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guitar lessons

Fun & effective guitar lessons with proven results to enable you to play a pop song in just 4 lessons!


guitar lessons

Why this course is the best method for you?

Master chords much faster!
We all know mastering chords is one of the challenging task for a beginner. Usually, either your fingers are too painful or it just doesn’t sound pleasant to enjoy your practices. Therefore, we developed our unique 2-min system, complete with audio tracks and have since helped all our students to ease this process effectively.
With this chord mastery system, your practices start to get more enjoyable and effective!

Playing Patterns made easy yet dynamic.
Face the issue of not knowing what to strum or pluck? No worries, we’ve categorized many strumming or plucking patterns in a systematic manner for you. Each pattern consists of several styles where you can improvise them dynamically. We’ve also associated them with pop song examples, which makes it very relatable.
Soon, you’ll develop the sense of groove with this system & start playing intuitively without scores!

Express the Creativity in you.
Don't get obsessed with precision and instructions. It is time to get fun! We encourage creativity and want you to improvise a little. Just like many cover songs you hear over Youtube. This helps to maintain a high interest level to continue your passion. Experience endless things you can do!

Play songs you like!
Everyone feel motivated to practise on songs we like, don’t we? We don’t believe you need to start with kiddies’ songs, just because you are a beginner. At Hark Music, start right away by playing pop songs! Songs from Pink, Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom, Taylor Swift and many more! We know it is highly important to make the learning process fun & enjoyable so that you are motivated to play more.

With our proven system, we have witnessed many achieving the ability to play a pop song in just 1 month.

It's time you do too!

Our Syllabus

STAGE 1: Foundation

Level 1
Introduction to the "6 Strings" | Music Theory Essentials | Corrective Fingering | Basic Open Chords | Rhythm and Feel Training | Accompaniment Styles Part 1
Level 2
Transposition Concept | Singuitaring | Accompaniment Styles Part 2 | Breakthrough Performance

What You Can Achieve:

✓ Play basic chords and accompaniment styles - All achievable in just 4 lessons!

✓ Create variations utilising both the plucking & strumming styles.

✓ Acquire the ability to play as you sing or with another singer.

STAGE 2: Expressivity

Level 3
Expressive Playing | Bass-Melody Concept | Articulation Techniques | Accompaniment Styles Part 3
Level 4
Relationship between Scales & Chords | Basic Chord Improvisation | Accompaniment Styles Part 4 | Breakthrough Performance

What You Can Achieve:

✓ Add dynamics and feel for a more colourful & impressive presentation.

✓ Create variations utilising both the plucking & strumming styles.

✓ Use simple articulation techniques to create more expression in your playing.

STAGE 3: Versatility

Level 5
Enhancement and Fill-ins | Syncopated Groove | Chord-Melody Concept | Lead Guitar Playing | Accompaniment Styles Part 5
Level 6
Identifying Chords by Ear | Analysing Current Hits | Advanced Chord Improvisation | Accompaniment Styles Part 6 | Breakthrough Performance

What You Can Achieve:

✓ Assign appropriate musical ornaments and syncopated groove to decorate a song.

✓ Present a song dynamically with guitar solo and Chord-Melody

✓ Create your own improvisation and exercise creativity in your guitar playing.

Our Students' Experience

Singing lessons

“Until I found Hark Music, my dream comes true and I am able to sing and play guitar solely on stage.”
- Albert Loo

Singing lessons “Instructors are very patient and generous in sharing their knowledge with students. Songs that we learn in class are popular pop songs and there got to be one is your favorite too!”
- Dennis Kee



A great music retreat to help you

stay focus and build a strong foundation.


• Trained by the Music Director with 18 years of experience
• Learn content of Level 1 (option to start Level 2 after the programme)

• Apply what you have learnt and perform at OpenStage (optional)

Why is it good for you?

•  You want to achieve a jumpstart over a weekend.

•  You prefer to self-direct your own progress after the programme.

•  You find it difficult to commit to weekly lessons.

BONUS! 1-year support

•  Online Consultation with Directors

•  Programme Review

•  Studio for Practice

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A good learning momentum to help you

progress consistently.

1.5 Hour for Small-Group Coaching

1 Hour for 1-on-1 Coaching


Why is it good for you?

• You want to progress gradually over a period of time.

• You want to receive continual guidance and be monitored by the Coach.

• You enjoy attending lessons on a regular basis.


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For Private Coaching

Individual, Pair or Trio are available.

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