piano lessons
piano lessons
piano lessons piano lessons
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piano lessons

piano lessons

Pop Piano Course - Fun & effective piano lessons that focuses on pop songs and without the tedious 5-line scores!


piano lessons

Why this course is the best method for you?

No score-reading. You progress faster! 
Learning to read 5-lines score is just like learning a new language. It takes time & lots of practice! Many gave up half-way because it is tedious and they don’t feel they are playing music.  Instead, we impart Concepts which you can Apply instantly. You achieve results faster!

Make use of your music sense.
You sing without looking at music score, don’t you? You can do so with piano playing too! We help you to strengthen your music sense and soon you'll be able to play what you hear in your mind. The process is so much more meaningful and satisfying. Finally, express the music in you!

Express the creativity in you. 
Don't get obsessed with instructions. It is time to get fun! We encourage creativity and want you to improvise a little. Just like many cover songs on YouTube. This helps to maintain a high interest level to continue your passion. Experience endless things you can do!

Play your favourite songs!
We feel more enjoyable to practise songs that you like, don’t we? You don’t have to start with kiddies’ songs, just because you are a beginner. Yes, start right away by playing pop songs from Pink, Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom, Taylor Swift and many more!

With our proven system, we have witnessed many achieving the ability to play a pop song in just 1 month.

It's time you do too!

Our Syllabus
piano course book
STAGE 1: Foundation
Level 1
Introduction to the “Blacks & Whites” | Music Theory Essentials | Rhythm and Feel Training | Chord-Melody Concept | Basic Chord Construction | Accompaniment Styles Part 1
Level 2
Chord Inversions | Voice leading Principles | Accompaniment Styles Part 2 | Breakthrough Performance
What You Can Achieve:
Play basic chords and accompaniment styles – all achievable in just 4 lessons.
Understand the concepts of chord-melody playing & learn without reading 5-lines scores!
Acquire the ability to play as you sing or with another singer.

STAGE 2 : Expressivity
Level 3
Expressive Playing | Relative Pitching Concept | Chord Voicing | Rhythmic Fill-ins |
Accompaniment Styles Part 3
Level 4
Basic Chord Improvisation | Song Arrangement | Accompaniment Styles Part 4 | Breakthrough Performance
What You Can Achieve:
Add dynamics and feel for a more colourful and impressive presentation.
Decorate and enhance your playing with rhythmic colours.
Create layerings through varying of accompaniment styles.

STAGE 3 : Versatility
Level 5
Harmonised Melody | Syncopated Groove | The Bass-line | Melodic Embellishments |
Accompaniment Styles Part 5
Level 6
Identifying Chords by Ear | Analysing Current Hits | Advanced Chord Improvisation |
Accompaniment Styles Part 6 | Breakthrough Performance
What You Can Achieve:
Assign appropriate musical ornaments and syncopated groove to decorate a song.
Understand concepts and effects of harmony to create various musical moods.
Create your own improvisation and exercise creativity in your piano playing.

Our Students' Experience

piano lessons

"Hark Music has really rekindled my passion in playing the keyboard/piano. They teach music in a systematic yet enjoyable way, making lessons fun and interesting…”
- Yeo Hwee Bin

piano lessons

“At the end of the course, one can definitely self-teach to further understand music. Afterall, learning is a life-long process! "
- Joel Ong

Watch this video to see students' before-and-after
just by going through 2 days of training!

Click here to read more success stories.

piano lessons
Click Here
to read Full Brochure.

Our Programme Structure
2 structures to choose one that suits your lifestyle best!

Weekly Structure
ExpressWay Structure
Gradual Progress over
12 weekly lessons.
Jumpstart in 2 Days!
Small Group or Personalised Coaching
1.5 hour session, conducted weekly
2 Day Boot Camp, over 1 weekend
Sat & Sun - 9am to 7pm
Trained by Certified Coaches
Trained by Directors
Small Group: 4 to 6 students
Personalised: Individual, Pair, Trio
10 to 15 students with
1 Director + 2 Coaches
Each Level completes
over 12 weeks

Total: 18 hours of lesson
Each Level completes
over 1 weekend

+ with 1 year of support
Online Consultation with Directors
4 x Coaching Session
Programme Review
Studio for Practice
Certificate of Achievement

Total: > 32 hours of lesson

Good for people who:

wants regular lesson to keep the learning momentum
wants a coach to motivate & mentor you weekly for continuous progress
are able to commit 1.5 hour weekly

Good for people who:

wants to achieve a jumpstart over a weekend
people who can't commit to weekly lesson schedule
wants to able to learn from the Directors and continue learning at own pace

Upcoming Intakes
Register Online Conveniently here.

Weekly Structure

ExpressWay Structure

Small Group Coaching
Every Wednesday 7PM
commencing 21 May 2014
*Early Bird Offer ends 7 May

Every Saturday 4PM
commencing 3 May 2014
*Register by 27 April, save $30!
Every Sunday 2PM
commencing 20 Apr 2014
For Personalised Coaching
(Ind, Dual, Trio):
Simply drop us a message below to check your preferred time slot.
2 Day Boot Camp
28 & 29 Jun 2014
27 & 28 Sep 2014
27 & 28 Dec 2014

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