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Singing lessons

Vocal Course - Singing lessons to experience results fast and enjoy your singing sessions more!


Singing lessons

Why this course is the best method for you?

We do things differently.
Many singing programmes just start you on scales-singing and songs. What they do is just make corrections to your voice without educating you on the big picture of singing.

Getting you clear on the big picture is our main priority.

We know it will accelerate your learning process because you know the whats, hows, whys. Singing is an experential learning where you need to increase your awareness especially your voice instrument resides in your body.

We work with you to ‘de-learn’ your old habits and ‘re-learn’ the proper singing techniques!
And believe it or not, these techniques are feelings which you already had them, only that you rarely used them. Think about this…We are all born knowing how to breathe, how to project your voice effortlessly. Look at kids! Their voice never get hoarse for long hours of screaming, shouting. Why? It is because our bodies know how to do them innately in a safe way.

Thousands have experienced the awesomeness of our approach...
We coach you in identifying your old habits and work on developing back the 'long-lost' sensations. Another important aspect is about working on your beliefs about what singing is all about. A combination of body and mind works wonder and many even got to witness a difference in their voice in just 1 session!

It’s time you do too.

Our Syllabus
vocal course book

STAGE 1: Foundation

Level 1
The Vocal Anatomy | The Breathing System | Vocal Care & Maintenance | Activating your Diaphragm | Corrective Pitching and Rhythm | Vowels for Singing
Level 2
Dynamics Control | Open Throat Technique | Basic Song Management | Breakthrough Performance

What You Can Achieve:

✓ Know how to prevent voice strain, tension and hoarseness during singing.

✓ Able to apply fundamental techniques to uncover the hidden potential of your voice.

✓ Apply the new-learnt techniques & concepts to enjoy your singing session more!

STAGE 2: Expressivity

Level 3
Accessing Your Head Voice | Stamina Building | Expressive Singing | Lyrics Intrepretation
Level 4
Visualing Song Scenario | Acapella Singing | Adding Vocal Colours | Facial Expressions and Body Language | Breakthrough Performance

What You Can Achieve:

✓ Acquire a strengthened voice to handle notes at the higher range with stability.

✓ Add various vocal expressions to create colours & textures to your singing to

✓ Apply your own interpretation of emotions to achieve a captivating performance!

STAGE 3: Versatility

Level 5
Blending Vocal Bridges | Voice Strengthening | Building Vocal Stamina | Belting Technique | Handling Various Song Genres
Level 6
Building Voice Agility and Flexibility | Voice and Music Balancing | Performing Etiquette | Dynamic Stage Presentation | Breakthrough Performance

What You Can Achieve:

✓ Achieve vocal power by blending the registers of your low- middle- high falsetto.

✓ Improve vocal agility & flexibility to handle songs with complex requirements.

✓ Express the groove of songs in different genres (e.g. rock, r&b, swing, etc)!

Our Students' Experience

Singing lessons “There are many activities, competitions & auditions organized by Hark and through all these "outside of classroom" exposure in stage performances, it allows me to discover my capabilities and I continue to improve on myself in this music journey.”
- Joyce Lee

Singing lessons “Since embarking on my learning journey with them, I've received consistent remarks from friends that my singing has improved by considerable bounds.”
- Lim Ho Beng


A great music retreat to help you

stay focus and build a strong foundation.

1 Day, 9am to 7pm

• Trained by the Vocal Director with 18 years of experience
• Learn content of Level 1 (option to start Level 2 after the programme)

• Apply what you have learnt and perform at OpenStage (optional)
• Buffet Lunch included

Why is it good for you?

•  You want to achieve a jumpstart over a weekend.

•  You prefer to self-direct your own progress after the programme.

•  You find it difficult to commit to weekly lessons.

BONUS! 1-year support

•  Online Consultation with Directors

•  Programme Review

•  Studio for Practice

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11 Jun 2016 (SAT)
9am - 7pm

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A good learning momentum to help you

progress consistently.

1.5 Hour for Small-Group Coaching

1 Hour for 1-on-1 Coaching


Why is it good for you?

• You want to progress gradually over a period of time.

• You want to receive continual guidance and be monitored by the Coach.

• You enjoy attending lessons on a regular basis.


Upcoming Intakes

Every TUE 8.30PM
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Every THU 7.30PM
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For Private Coaching

Individual, Pair or Trio are available.

Simply drop us a message in Contact Form to check your preferred time slot.


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with a $50 Registration Fee. Balance fees will be paid on 1st day of lesson!

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