Hark Music Junior - Singing Vocal, Guitar, Piano lessons for kids



The Approach

What we believe in:

Coaching you
to acquire complete musicality through our SKT™ model,
the integration of Sense, Knowledge and Technicality.

Enlightening you
through streamlined musical theories and concepts made
easy-to-understand to let you see the big picture fast.

Empowering you
with this mission in mind - "To teach you to teach yourself."


The SKT™ Model (R)
Key Principles in our Coaching System

Benefits of using SKT™ Model
Singapore music school
See the Big Picture of how a desired result can be achieved.
Singapore music school

Access the critical area to be focused in conditioning and improving.

Singapore music school
Improve more effectively!
Singapore music school
Attain Complete Musicianship to Reproduce, Improvise, Create.
Singapore music school
Achieve Self-directed Learning eventually: Progress & grow endlessly!

The Coaches
Who we entrust to teach:
Exclusive & certified Hark Music Coaches
Highly passionate & skilful in teaching
Possesses key personalities and attitude of a coach
Proficient in applying the 4-step IEAM™ approach


The IEAM™ Approach (R)
Our coaching process with you


The Supports

 How we help you to excel:
On-stage performing exposures
Musical exchange sessions with fellow learners
Free usage of classrooms for self-practice
The Hark Performing Team (HPT) - For aspiring performers
4000 square feet premises with fully equipped facilities complete
with a Performing Studio - Providing you a 'Beyond Classroom Learning'!