Monthly Archives: May 2007

Okay...gonna let you know our June Live Shows Line-up...Sorrie, the posters are not ready yet....next week, ba.... ;P Meanwhile, shall just use text!Our Performers and Artistes-In-Progress will be having their photo-taking session this weekend.For June [...]

Oh yeah!!! Tomorrow is a public holiday!We can all take some short break! Long awaited break!I've just viewed our new website from our web developers....There's still some small little alterations to be done. I think [...]

Dream On~~~~~

Hey hey!!!! So far, like our new blog??I kinda like it more and more everyday!!!I think it looks much much better than the previous one. I love the RED!It shows our passion, it shows our [...]

Hark Student’s Singing Competition – Great Enthusiasm

Barely a week, the response from our Hark Students are 'overpowering'! Hahaa...What I meant was.....Aiya...you all know lah! LOL..Almost 100 students registered for the competition in just 1 week's time.... It's great to see such [...]

Oh yeah…Our new post at our new BLOG!!!

I have been procrastinating for the past week to shift to another BLOG address.....It's been 'vely' long already....cause Hark Cafe has already transformed to our current Performing Studio@ HARK for 1 month already but we [...]