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More to COME!!!

How's our new Website? (https://www.harkmusic.com/)We really hope you guys like it! :)At this moment, this is only a partial launch.As you've realized, the [Videos], [Library], [Artistes] sections are not launched yet.And let me tell you [...]

TV News Cover & Jay Chou Night!

If you've watched Mediacorp Channel 8 News@6.30pm and 10pm on Sunday evening, you would've seen our interview and introduction about Hark Music's 实在歌手!If you have not seen the news, catch it at http://www.xin.sg/ !This site [...]


Go to https://www.harkmusic.comYES! We have uploaded our website!HURRAY! _____________________________________________ UPDATES!!!Tomorrow, MEDIACORP will be coming to film 实在歌手大考验 show, and will be interviewing our Music Director 张安文 AMOS and AIPs!This will either be featured in this [...]

AMAzInG TalenT!

Hey..A video to share with you guys...Not sure, if you have watched it cause it's one of the top videos in youtube...This video never fail to put a smile on my face... because I'm too [...]

Some Photos

Share some pictures with you guys on our last week's Hark Student Singing Competition Preliminary Round 2...Some Stylo-Milo Pics.....but kinda of 黑帮 feel to me....(Ya, think so?)Haha....But interesting! Just feel like uploading this picture 'cause [...]

Complimentary Tickets!!!

Great News!We have 10 Complimentary Tickets to be given away for this coming Saturday's Live Show!It's going to be a Jay Chou Night! All Artistes will be going to sing and rap his works...And it's [...]


Ohh...I hope I have added some fun into life and into this BLOG!We've got a high scorer: Jei! At 10830 for the Quadrix Game...So, next up gonna see who 'eng'.... to beat that score. ;)(You [...]

Hey, Hey! Play a game!

*Wicked Smile* Boa....bOa...BOAH...HaHAHAHAAA!!I have added a GAME!Quadrix AKA TERTRIS!Quick! Quick...! Scroll down and look to your right!And click 'PLAY'!Let's see who got the Highest score!

Hey….A New Poll!!!

Was kinda a little brain-dead, not knowing what I can write for the blog except for our AIPs, Students, New Website, New Videos....etc... Life seems to to be revolving these issues recently...Hmm..was thinking that it [...]

New Website coming up…ehh….REALLY!

Yozz..yoz.....We have just received our new website files today!So, chop chop guarantee must be up in these few days!We still gonna amend some writings here and there...I know...I know.....*nods head, nods head* I have mentioned [...]