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No SAT Live Shows for AUG….

In August, there will be a temporary break for our saturday night's Live Show.Saturday's Live Show will be back on soon in September with a whole new theme.We will release the new as soon as [...]


There are the videos!!! :) So far, only Leonard, Elyse, Kenneth videos are available...:Pand I've posted the 5 AIPs Olympic Dream performances too.Just for simple enjoyment...Don't watch with a high expectation, ok??I have only edited [...]

Videos coming!!! Yes, no JOKE! Hahaa…

Yoz...fans' are asking for more AIPs pictures....Now, we give you more than that!!!!Next few days, we will be posting videos up...1. 5 AIPs performances at Olympic Dreams 2007 (Toa Payoh Stadium) on 14 Jul 072. [...]

Happening Saturday!!!

Happening Saturday!So many things gonna happen this coming Saturday.....We are excited!MINI-CONCERTCatch Alex and Philip in action again this Saturday (28 July) at 8pm!I managed to catch some peek during their rehearsal...Their repertoire is interesting!!!And...yes! They [...]

QuarterFinal ONE

===SUPPORTERS!!!===Xiaofang's supporters! Yea!Jeslene's supporters! Go go!Fanny's Supporters! Her guitar classmates!Zhenshou's Supporters! Woh-Ho~The night's crowd... 1st Half Contestants..One's missing...in the toilet??==ALL CONTESTANTS' ====PERFORMANCE PICS==Ruth - She sang 单身潜逃 (戴佩妮)Song delivery was fine..though low notes were shaky. [...]


Ohh, seems like many people have quite a number of concerns over the 加分题...As mentioned in our tagboard, it's something that adds value to a performer, be it a music-related item or not... Of course, [...]

~~Photos Galore~~

As promised, here's some pictures captured on last Saturday (14 JULY) on our SATURDAY SHOWCASE....Audience earnestly anticipating for the arrival of our 2 stars!Here they are!!! Applause Applause!!Wow!! A Full Band, with Hark's talented musicians!Oh...This [...]

HOT!!! Night

It was such an hot night last SATURDAY, with our full live band~~~*Shawn on electric guitar**Jane on keyboard**Amos on drums*A full house, with all intense eyes fixing on the 2 唱将, it was a truly [...]

Music Courses – Special Promotion!

GREAT NEWS!!! Music Course Promotion!!!Now, you have a great reason to start learning something that you like!Get yourself registered with us from now till 20 August! You will get yourself entitled to any of the [...]

Good Job, guys!

A song called 日月星 composed by Hark Music guitar and vocal instructors, Shawn Tan 陈俊豪 (melody) and Philip Lim 林照辉 (lyrics) was heard on national radio - Y.E.S. 933 last week! HuRRay!!DJ Peifen did a [...]