Monthly Archives: August 2007

Learning Piano….

When it comes to learning piano, the first thing that came to people’s mind is those big, big, shiny black piano, with intimidating long white and black ivory keys that your arms can’t even stretch [...]

Upcoming Live Shows!

Artistes-In-Progress ConcertMake a date with us, and enjoy performances by our 5 Artistes-In-Progress!They will be performing together with our in-house musicians/instructors, Shawn Tan and Jane Wu!Date: 7 Sept 2007 (FRIDAY)Time: 8pmAdmission: $5 inclusive of a [...]

HSSC Finals…

First, we have to say we really had a successful night of the Grand Finals of our 1st Hark Music Student Singing Competition.It was a fruitful experience for everyone.The 9 finalists are all winners!They have [...]


A short update today...Our 5 Artistes-In-Progress will having their live mini-concert on 7 September (FRI)!Performing with them will be our in-house musicians/instructors - Shawn Tan on Guitars, Jane Wu on Keyboards!

Hark’s SuperBand!!!

What are these people watching?......Oh, it's our Hark "SUPERBAND"!Alan on DRUMS!Jenix on GUITAR!Patrick on KEYBOARD!Right! They are the ones who made our Semifinals ALIVE!C'mon down this Friday to watch them play in action again for [...]

AIPs Updates…Student Showcase Concert!!!

Oh right, some of you are missing our Artistes-In-Progress performances!Some of you may have experience the ‘power’ of their vocals during our Semi-finals 1 and 2 of the competition. Actually, I think they have shown [...]

Quarterfinal 2 – Pictures & Videos!

Quarter Final 2 Pictures and Videos!Priscilla & Carissa rehearsing their 加分题 backstage.Irene's friends eagerly helped to prepare her for her performance!!!The first 6 contestants of the night! Giving their best shot!*******SHOW STARTS!!!*******Junxuan performed 很想说.He sang [...]

QuarterFinal ONE Video Clips – 12 Contestants

Here you go, all 12 videos for you from our QuarterFinal 1 held on 20 July.Pardon me, I'm still rushing the videos for QuarterFinal 2 & 3...better late than never, right? :)Ohya, I will be [...]


Yep! I'm finished with the Quarter Final 1 videos!So, I'm now busy posting up all the videos clips from QuarterFinals ONE to youtube...So, very soon...you guys get to enjoy 12 videos clips in one shot!!!Now, [...]