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Our Recording Service are getting really popular!

Our Vocal Recording service is getting rather popular!With our afforable rates, easy-to-understand instructions, and various packages to select from, I think this is a no-wonder. ;)Being able to experience vocal recording is a great experience [...]

This weekend…..

Yes, today, I'm going to blog about our AIPs Intensive 'Gruelling' Training Camp...In my previous post, I've mentioned to you guys that our 3-signed Artistes-In-Progress will be going through an 'intensive camp' to build them [...]


GRAND FINALISTS CONCERT This Friday is the Grand Finalists Concert! The last chance to let you catch all our finalists once again! Tat Sin, Daisy, Sophia, Carissa, Amy, Jeslene, Aaron, Eugene, Junxuan! With a more [...]

People like to sing…like to perform!

Everyone loves to perform!!!The OpenStage event was overwhelmed with great response!All the performing slots are fully-booked for Sept and Oct 07!...And, the Nov'07 one is already a-quarter booked!Ain't this a joyous outcome, worth celebrating.... Haha..:)Right [...]

A Slide Show!

A Slide Show of Photos taken on our Grand Finals of Hark Student Singing Competition held on 24 Aug 2007!ENJOY! Updates! - 15 Sept 2007All finalists will be performing on 28 September (FRI), 8pmThey will [...]

Creative Performance Videos

All Right! I've finally loaded the Creative Performance videos up!The entire performances were accompanied by Shawn on guitars, Jane on keyboard and Amos on drums! We've to bring our own guitar, keyboard, drums, amps, music [...]

What’s wrong??

Oh my...it's so frustrating!!!I've edited the Creative Performance Video clips 2 days back...I've been trying to upload them since yesterday but in vain! The youtube loader seemed to be always stuck in the middle of [...]


It was a great performance at CREATIVE's Auditorium last Thursday!We have shot them all down in video...and me gonna upload real soon! (Have already edited half the show...so, don't worry that you're gonna wait long [...]

Grand Finalists Concert – 28 SEP!

Missed their performances during their finals on 24 August?Catch this right; they will be performing once again for all of you, on 28 September (FRI), at 8pm!This time, they will be bringing you 2 songs [...]

Just a short update today.3 performances going on this week…Busy week for our AIPs and Musicians…6 Sept (THU), 12pm:Hark's 1-hr Live Show at CREATIVE Auditorium!Performers: Artistes-In-Progress (Elyse, Fiona, Yingzhi, Kenneth, Leonard)Musicians:Shawn Tan, Jane Wu, Amos [...]