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..We're looking for students who can be part of Hark Performing Team! It's time for you to gain some invaluable experiences!BENEFITSEnjoy discounts off course fees and recording sessionsHeighten your musical skills through fun interaction in [...]

Good Work, Good Act!

Here are 2 videos to perk up your day. :)This first video is very entertaining....Make sure you watch it discreetly if you're at work now... and just a warning, control your laughter...And this...is something amazing!!! [...]

It has been an exciting few weeks for us.We are so busy. We could not update all in time!Sorry!Choices MagazineLast few weeks, we were interviewed by Choices Magazine! Hark Music is going to be featured [...]

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FaceBook is the New Thing In the Town!Hark Music is on it!Let's have some fun, make some fun together....with MUSIC!C'mon, and add us as your friend if you have a FaceBook account!Find us at HarkMusic [...]


You should take this pledge!I have recently found this website, http://www.ilove.sg/This is basically a group of people, companies, who come together, to promote local creativity works! That's great!According to The Straits Times, 'Love’ is the [...]

PHOTOS:Grand Finalists Concert on 28 Sept(FRI)

28 Sept (FRI), we held a concert for our Grand Finalists.The host wasn't your familiar, funny, talented, Vynson....wasn't the chatty (can chat almost anything under the sun) Weicai......He always have a disclaimer:He's not a Malay...He [...]

Interview with MediaCorp RSI

In August 07, Amos was interviewed by MediaCorp's Radio Singapore International (RSI)!The interview was about Current Trends of Chinese Pop School in SG, Hark Music's positioning, and Hark Music's vision and future plans!Click to view [...]

OpenStage – 24 Sept 2007

::Random Photos::OpenStage Concert on 24 September 2007!Hark Students always have the opportunity! Alright! *Thumbs up!*Last week, we've seen such enthusiasm in everyone...Students in our guitar course, pop piano and of course, vocal courses!Here are some [...]