Monthly Archives: November 2007

Key Media RSVP! for 8th Dec CONCERT!

One more week to 8th Dec (SAT).... which marks our flagship concert featuring local musicians - LGF & 黑森林!!Current confirmed RSVPs include a local Film Director (who is sourcing for a rock song to be [...]

We have converted to Facebook Page!A new feature in Facebook specially for bands, musicians, artistes, businesses, etc!Quite cool...though it's pretty sad that we have lost over 180+ friends, as our previous profile could not be [...]

U-Weekly has published our event!

U-Weekly has published our event in their last issue!! Cool~~~ Great! Thanks, U-Weekly~! With this platform that we have, we hope to use it to provide extensive and aggressive marketing efforts to local musicians to [...]

Limited Number of Tickets Released for Pre-Booking

In about 3 weeks time, we will be staging our flagship concert, featuring local bands - LGF & Black Forest!Just got a news that U-Weekly will be featuring this event line-up too!Great! Choices Magazine will [...]


Gosh! This is sooo COOL!!!2nd Audition for Hark Performing TeamLast Friday, we had an Audition for Hark Performing Team. We have selected some instrumentalists (pianists & guitarists) to come back for a 2nd Audition this [...]

Protect your Voice!

It doesn't matter if you are a vocal student or you are intending to take up vocal lessons, our 'talking instrument' is very important to us, as we speak everyday!We have an instrument which is [...]

Year-End Happenings!!!

When you passes by Orchard now, you would see that Christmas lightings are up once again!!!Times passes fast..It's coming to the end of the year once again..The festive's mood is here once again...hurray....!!!Coming up in [...]

Many have been asking us what's the Audition for Performing Team all about?Here's a little explanation…Basically, we are gathering our students to be part of this “Hark Performing Team”, (as in like Team Singapore) where [...]