Monthly Archives: December 2007

We are featured in CHOICES MAG – XMAS Special ’07

Hey friends,Take a look at this!Hark Music is featured in CHOICES MAGAZINE!Oh, cool... And we are giving away 5 Vocal Recording Sessions for SINGER WANNABES worth over $600!!!! Go get a copy now! Available in [...]

Catch these special performances…

This coming Friday, 28 December 2007....Our special guest performers from our Hark Performing Team will be performing the following songs in unplugged on 28 Dec 2007!1. Wonderwall - Oasis2. 蒲公英的约定 - 周杰伦3. 解脱 - 张惠妹4. [...]

Happy Holidays!

Hello guys!!!!It's the end of the year now! Christmas is coming, and 2008 is just a few weeks away!A season of giving~~~~~We are taking some short breaks from these holidays to recharge too!AND....we have prepared [...]

Photos from BlackForest/LGF Concert@HARK

Oh great.....so many photos to upload from the last Saturday's concert...It is taking ages to upload the photos one - by - one....Sigh..Hopefully, blogger is in the midst of doing some upgrades to their photo [...]

Glimpse of 8Dec Concert & our Hark Performing Team!

LGF & BlackForest Concert 8th Dec 2007 ~ A little glimpse...Oh, I'm now heavily busy doing all the photos, videos editing!!Those who were here last Saturday, I bet they blew you away~~~~~Hey hey, ZoukOut wasn't [...]

We wanna help you stage your own concert!

THANK YOU......8Days, EXPAT Living, TimeOut!********************Yeah, recently been busy with lots of stuffs!Haha…we have been writing this word BUSY for many times, huh??Sometimes, I always say, “Being busy is better than nothing to do!! “****Chey…老套! :P [...]