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Videos for《实在歌手PK Challenge》Show 3

PHOTOS....Alex performing...He was the first performer of the night.Kenneth was Alex's challenger...He sang 'Hello'...when announcing their results.....hmm...they doesn't seem nervous at all....'chey...Oh..this was Tat Sin's reaction when he knew he has picked Teng Teng for [...]

实在个手PK Challenge – SHOW 3 (23 Mar 08)

For many who are waiting for the Show Three Recap….here it comes!!!!!SHOW 3 – 23 Mar 08Last Sunday’s show theme was 自我风格… Thus, singers chose songs which reflected themselves or their styles...A number of them [...]

<实在歌手PK赛>: The 2nd Show (16th Mar 08)

The Actual Competition: Round 2In this round, all the Real Singers will be singing Chinese golden oldies with a twist – They will modernise them with current pop styles! Hence, the audiences will be treated [...]

Alex VS Tengteng – PK 战

Woh~ho~~Great show last week at LUNAR!!!! Happening PK Challenges throughout the night...and this is the most exciting part!It was 老歌新唱 theme... Alex sang 吻别 in ROCK, Tengteng sang 梦醒时分 in swing rock.... and their bonus [...]

PK Challenges – What is it all about???

Yes, we have just held an audition this Saturday noon for external PK Challengers!We have found a few potential singers, as the external challengers to PK (stands for Player Kill, only one will emerge as [...]

The Official Site is UP!! Last week’s Live Captures…

Official Site: http://www.lunar.sg/pkchallengeAbout the showLunar and Hark Music brings you Singapore’s first-ever Live Singing PK Challenge starting 9 March to 27 April 2008 on every Sunday night at Lunar Asian Fusion Bar.Tapping on the recent [...]

Come, PK and win $200 CASH instantly!

Some quick photos glimpse....for the event at Lunar Asian Fusion Bar last Sunday, featuring our 8 Real Singers... We have more to come. :) Will upload more soon..C'mon down this Sunday, as they face PK [...]

实在歌手”THE REAL SINGER” PK Challenge

Didn't we say we are going to have an interesting event going on in March?Here we REVEAL to you! GOOD NEWS!!!Want to reminisce Hark Cafe's days???C'mon down to LUNAR ASIAN FUSION BAR every Sunday, starting [...]