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《实在歌手PK赛》- 大决赛 3th May 2008

《实在歌手PK赛》- 大决赛3th May 2008 (SATURDAY) - Now@10.30pm PrimeTime !Come down to Lunar and support the stars of tomorrow. Your vote will help them realized their dream!5 weeks of grueling competition previously held has produced 4 [...]

Stage-Performing Workshop on 20 April

A rare 3-hr Workshop held last Sunday specially for Hark Students!The main presenters were Mr. Amos Teo & Mr. Patrick Goh. We were privileged to be able to rope in our Vocal Instructors, Alex Tan [...]

On 6 April….

Sorry for waiting so long!!! :)Here’s the recap on the last show before the Final Showdown!!!….. On 6 April 2008…..It was a 风平浪静day…no hiccups, nothing. And the band was great!!!We had 3 external challengers that [...]

Be patient.

Many of you may still be waiting for our post on last Sunday show….Yes...we will be posting it up very soon!!! Cause, this time instead of just text, text, text,…we are going to upload a [...]