Monthly Archives: June 2008

Hi friends!It has been sometime since our last blog. I did not even realize that it has been weeks! Times flies when we have so much at work now! :PIn the past 2 months, we [...]

Lyrics with Chords – New songs!!!

New songs for Lyrics with Chords in our LIBRARY section!1. 爱爱爱 - 方大同2. 达尔文- 蔡健雅3. 那首歌 – 林宥嘉4. 蒲公英的约定 - 周杰伦5. 青花瓷 - 周杰伦6. 失忆 – 张韶涵7. 我以为 – 品冠8. 小情歌 - 苏打绿9. You and [...]

More Benefits for you!!!

Hark Members enjoyMORE BENEFITS!To thank all Hark Music members for their loyalty over the years, we are pleased to present more merchants for you to enjoy your privileges at, simply by flashing your Hark Music [...]