Monthly Archives: October 2008

PHOTOS: Perform to Inspire Workshop at library@esplanade

Last Saturday, we were at library@esplanade!, conducting a 1-hr workshop -"Perform To Inspire".Hmm, what did we do?We gave tips and pointers on how to 'colour-up' live performances, precisely - 'Perform to Inspire'!In it, we gave [...]

“Perform to Inspire” – library@esplanade

"Perform to Inspire!"Catch us at library@esplanadeon 25 October (SAT) 4.30pm!Want to know how to improve your performing skills? Or you want to learn more about how to be creative and unique?C'mon and attend this FREE [...]

Hark Artistes-In-Progress (2nd batch)

2nd Batch of Hark's Artistes-In-Progress has emerged!Elena.Yvonne.Sherry.Shirley.Liling.GeokYing.Peixiu.KadonAfter the auditions held in August and a gruelling selection process, 8 aspiring singers were selected to be part of this intensive artiste training.Last Saturday, 27 September kicked off [...]