Monthly Archives: June 2009

This week’s OpenStage – 20 June

Hey friends!Our new HPT3 members are making some appearances tomorrow - 20 June!A new member, An Li (pianist) will be joining our 'veterans from HPT1', Xiaorong, Eugene and Weiqi, creating a new chemistry!!!They will be [...]

Hark Featured Performer (Jun 09): Eugene

How did you find out about Hark Music?Hark Music was the most affordable music school that offers vocal lesson during my time, which was around 2002.What makes you decide to join Hark Music?I searched through [...]

HPT Updates: Jun 2009 – A huge turnout at AMK Hub!

Our Hark Performers, Jack (Vocalist), Xiaorong (Vocalist), Jinghui (Pianist), Su Teck and Marvin (Guitarists) were invited to perform in AMK Hub on 11 April, a Saturday evening.Their performances managed to gather a huge crowd of [...]