Monthly Archives: July 2009

FREE 2-hr Workshop: Accelerated Guitar Mastery

****Latest Update on 5 August 2009****Overwhelming response!Our FREE 2-hr Workshop on 'How to master the guitar in 24-hrs" was full in just 3 days! Thank you for your support!We have decided to open another session [...]

HPT Featured Performer of August09: Roy Lim

How did you find out about Hark Music?I was watching Channel U one day and there was a feature on Hark Music in one of the programmes. As the vision coincides with mine, I’ve decided [...]

Updates and Early Bird Discounts!

Our last post is in 19 June. It’s 22 July now already! Oops, sorry for the lack of updates.We are currently busy with many exciting projects which will keep us busy till next year!Upcoming 3 [...]