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SAFRA PK Challenge Round 3

PK Challenge Round 2 - 老歌新唱The 8 singers were required to sing 80's or earlier song releases and deliver them in their own way!We got to enjoy really 'happening' songs! 大眼睛,我要你的爱,十五的月亮,热情的沙漠....The audience was getting very [...]

SAFRA PK Challenge Round 2

PK Challenge Round 2 - 外语歌曲Catch this video...a recap of the Round 2 PKs!2 Eliminated Singers: Cordelia Lim & Ng Kok Leong...Now, we are left with 8 singers.Round 3 Theme: 老歌新唱 (80s and earlier)....and, there [...]

SAFRA PK Challenge Round 1

Last Saturday, we witnessed Round One of the debut SAFRA PK Challenge at SAFRA Mount Faber Clubhouse.It was a nice, sunny afternoon... and with the stage set-up, just beside the swimming pool, we just couldn't [...]

Graduation Concert – Accelerated Guitar Mastery!

Our Inaugural Accelerated Guitar Mastery 3-day Programme Graduation Concert was conducted on 4th October to a full-house in Performing Studio@Hark.It was definitely an exciting day for the 8 students.After going through an intensive 3 full [...]

SAFRA PK Challenge starts this Saturday (10 Oct)!

Twelve finalists have been selected!Round One starts this Saturday (10 Oct) 2-5pm, at Mount Faber SAFRA Clubhouse!There will be 5 rounds from 10, 17, 24, 31 Oct and 7 Nov.The Grand Finals is at 14 [...]

Featured HPT Performer: Lim Jing Hui

How do you feel when you have been shortlisted for HPT?Unbelievable and excited to embark on this new musical journey. I can utilize the skills I have learnt and continue improving. What song did you [...]