Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Ultimate Voice 2013 is now on!

Join this nation-wide Singing Competition!Stand to win more than $10,000 cash and prizes, plus...a Record Deal of your own single and get it played on national radio.FREE Registration!Watch this video for more highlights. Joining is simple!Simply record [...]

She has successfully extended her Vocal range!

Stella used to not be able to sing many songs completely as she wasn't able to hit the higher notes. After being with us for just a couple of months, she is now more confident [...]

Sing the right way & get the health benefits!

No doubt we know singing makes us happy, healthy, boost immunity....the list goes on. But to truly get the benefits, you need to sing right!  Here are key tips on how you can get the [...]

Keep Running to your dreams!

"Keep Running"- specially written to encourage and inspire each and every Singaporean, during our nation 48th birthday. To complement songs with patriotic and community feel, this song, Keep Running" says more about oneness within the one [...]