Acoustic Guitar

Who says you need to start music from young?

At the age of 18, many others would feel that they are probably too old to pursue their dreams in music. But that was not the case for Coach Michael, a music learner who started off [...]

What a way to end 2013!

What a way to end off 2013 for Hark Music!Our coaches and performers were invited to perform in the Countdown Party at The Promontory@Marina to usher in 2014.A live interview with Mediacorp Channel 8's 6.30pm [...]

Best Music Apps (iOS and Android)

Isn't it great to have few of the best music apps in our mobile devices? With the vast selection out there, we understand it could be confusing!Here, we are going to share some of the useful [...]

What is the difference of an instructor and a coach?

In one of our previous post, we shared about Passive vs Active Learner - "How to get the most out of your learning experience!" (Click to read the post). In this short post, we're doing a quick review [...]

An unforgettable 3 weeks journey.

 Since 2009, we have helped hundreds of guitar enthusiasts to attain a jump-start in guitar playing in just a mere 3 weeks...We have seen many guitar learners who can't even play a proper song in [...]