Exciting April 2010

April 2010 was a ‘happening’ month for us.
Many events!

1. Course Preview for Vocal, Guitar, Pop Piano Course
2. THE REAL SINGER Artiste Development Course Audition
3. Accelerated Guitar Mastery Graduation

Let’s not say much. The photos will say it all!

18th Apr 2010


Now, in our 10th year(…actually now 11th year!), we are bringing this signature event back….and even better!

This time, we gave away our own exclusive Hark’s merchandise.
All the participants received a stylish water bottle (worth $12) for FREE!

We had overwhelming response ~
Over 80 over people registered for the 2-hr event and more than 50% of attendees enrolled on that day!


*Thumbs up, from Valen and Jane*
Valen, sharing vocal insights & Jane, sharing pop piano insights!

*Claps~claps…Eagerly waiting for the start of the musical sunday afternoon!*

Opening performance by Valen (vocals), Jane (piano) & David (guitar)

David started the ball rolling – Guitar Course Demonstration!

Participants, absorbing the insights we’ve shared!

Amos & Jane, demonstrating the unique Hark way of learning pop piano.Without scores!
Don’t worry if you hate 5-line scores. We fully understand that. 🙂

Fully-participative PARTICIPANTS!

Valen, providing vocal learning tips and demonstrated how we are able to breakdown techniques into concepts & exercises to propel your singing passion to the next level!

It was a fully interaction 2-hr of questions throwing~
With various demonstrations to understand “Music Learning can be really FUN!”


A FINALE, awesome Performance by all!

*** Thank you everyone who supported the event in one way or another!***

Artiste Development Course Audition

24th April 2010

Yellob.us crew was also around to take footages!
Check out their website at www.yellob.us

They are Singapore’s 1st reality-content portal.
Got lots of interesting videos, promoting local arts & entertainment scene.

There are the OFFICIAL ONLINE MEDIA of this course.
Thank you, yellob.us!

More singers…More filming….

Judging Panel – Mr Jack Lim and Ms Yoong Xin Yun

One of the auditionees – Answering some questions from the judges.

Anxiously preparing for his turn!

Waiting, waiting…
Amidst the waiting, everyone was very supportive of all the auditionees up on stage. We hear claps and cheers at end of everyone’s turn. Great spirits, everywhere! (unlike some auditions where it can be very cold~~~)

We love it, this way!

He danced! He is a professional dancer.No doubt, got the loudest cheer!!!


*** We have got 2nd and LAST audition coming up on 15 May 2010***
To know more information about this audition, go to the URL below.

Don’t miss your last chance to make your mark in the music industry!

2 EASY Way to reserve your Audition Slot1. Email info@harkmusic.com
2. Call 6333 0733

ACT NOW! See you!

Accelerated Guitar Mastery (Batch 2)
Graduation Concert
25th April 2010

I say it was more of a BREAKTHROUGH Concert than a Graduation Concert cause it’s just the beginning of their guitaring journey!

We had many total beginners in this batch. And believe it or not, they performed on stage in just 4 weeks from the start of Day 1….

All have achieved ‘un-imaginable’ breakthroughs.

From a total beginner, to be able to play their chosen songs on stage is definitely not an easy feat. And mind you, they were not easy songs to begin with!

When our instructors heard what they hope to play… Jaws Dropped!
Songs like “More than words, You raise me up, I’m Yours….

Hey, those are songs beginners should not even try to attempt… not to mention they have to perform them in such a short span!


It’s so heartening to see all of them achieving the impossible. Though some are not entirely perfect, it is un-doubtingly an amazing achievement not many are willing to commit.

To play guitar in just 1 month and learn all the strategies and knowledge to become a self-directed learner.

We acknowledged that they themselves put in much hard work and effort to be where they are now!

That’s the spirit of this programme!

Keep your passion going, friends!
We say, this is just the beginning of your fulfilling guitar journey.

*Claps, Claps*

Flashback Video before the start of the concert.
Video captured their journey through the 3-day course.

The inspiring moments.
The enlightening moments.
And of course, the fun moments!

Graduates have to bring family and friends to witness their transformation.

Master Trainers, Amos & Jensen, opening the concert. Welcoming everyone!

All ready to go on stage and show everyone their best after 1 month’s sweat!

Oh yeah, before the graduates.
Guitar coach – David brought us his inspiring rendition of ‘Ain’t no sunshine.’

Guitars Line-up. Cool!

Guitar Coaches – David and Shawn, giving another performance.

Reuben, one of the graduates. Sharing his thoughts about the 3-day Accelerated Programme.

Paul, one of our proudest students said “Thumbs up!”

Kiang Liang – Performing “Falling Slowly”.
Wow wow wow.

Reuben – giving a sincere and emotional delivery.We were touched.
He mentioned it was depicting his life journey.

Our trainers livened up the atmosphere after his performance ’cause it was a little too….

Entertaining moments for all!

Paul – He looked so confident with his ‘weapon’.

Giving all his might to sing an ‘utterly’ challenging song – I’m Yours (Jason Mraz)
(..and yes, he is a total beginner to start with! And to handle with all the barred chords… We salute you, Paul!)

Master Trainer, Jensen (Personal Empowerment)
All smiles, seeing all the graduates achieving personal breakthroughs.

Keljin – Performed 记得. David on vocals and Amos on piano.

Evelyn – performing ‘More than Words.’ She performed the full version.
I bet her fingers must have gained ‘total numbness’. Hahaa…
She is also a total beginner to start with.

“We were impressed!”

Elkan – performing “You Raise Me Up.”
He was an experienced player who only knows how to strum.
Without any plucking background, he played the song with chord/melody for the intro section. Was definitely a incredible feat for him.

Finale Performance by our Master Trainer, Amos Teo!
Loud cheers!!!

Time to GRADUATE!!!



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