Interview with Jaspers Lai (JTeam’s artiste)

Jaspers Lai, the multi-talented artiste, artiste from JTeam, cast of “The Lion Men”, “The Lion Men 2” was one of the participant in our signature Guitar ExpressWay™ 2-day boot camp! 

This talented individual who is known for his flamboyant and mischievous character in Channel U’s hit show “Smart@Work” is also the composer & producer of two award winning singles titled “say who”<你说> and “love fiesta”<爱的盛宴> in 2013!

Watch his progress in the 2 days bootcamp!

Let’s find out how he felt after attending the 2-day boot camp in an exclusive interview!

1) Before attending the Guitar ExpressWay™ 2-day boot camp, did you feel that it was possible to pick up the guitar in just 2 days? What do you think now?
NO! Of course not! My first thought was, are you guys scamming me! Haha! How is it possible to pick up guitar in 2 days when I failed to play a single guitar chord for 2 years? There must have been some secret potion you put in those free drinks over the counter!!!! I was pretty convinced that I was definitely not going be able to play a song in just 2 days. But GOSH! I hate to be proven wrong. But you guys did it!
2) Now that you have completed this 2-day boot camp, what do you feel most pleased about yourself?
I can finally SING and PLAY with a GUITAR!!! Easier to woo girls!!! WEE WEE! I’m so proud of my achievement and it is really something which I never thought i would be able to achieve. I’ve been trying to learn guitar for years, but always end up giving UP… I would give myself excuses like my fingers are too short, the pressing of respective chords are too painful…blah blah blah but now I know, its MIND OVER BODY! Haha! 

Most importantly as a performer, I finally am able to sing and play on stage for my fans which has always been a dream for me!

3) How has this 2-day boot camp kick started your interests in advancing your guitar learning?

Now that I know that it is possible to sing and play, I would like to perfect it! I hope that in a year’s time, i can perform on stage with no sweat! 

4) Could you share with us what you enjoyed most about the Guitar ExpressWay™ program me?
Can i say EVERYTHING? When I first took a look at the planned itinerary, it looked very scary! It felt like I was filming a new movie called ‘AH BOYS to GUITAR MAN!??’ But the moment the programme started , we sort of like entered into a timeless zone. We were focused. We did not have the time to think of any other stuff other than wanting to perfect playing the guitar. 

5) What do you think about the Master Trainer, Mr. Amos Teo?
You don’t call him the MASTER trainer for nothing! He is indeed the MASTER of music! Besides music, he has also taught me a very invaluable lesson. And that is believing we can do it. He did not just teach me music, he also taught me how to change my attitude towards learning and that benefits me ANYWHERE I go and WHATEVER I want to learn. KUDOS~!

6) As a singer/songwriter and multi-talented local celebrity, how do you think this newly found musical skill will benefit you?
As compared to the piano which I have played for years, the guitar is a more accessible and portable musical instrument! It allows me to strum out new melodies on the spot when the “FEEL” comes! Now, I can bring it to my favorite spot and strum my guitar!

This new musical skill also allows me to showcase my passion for music to even more people. And come on, who doesn’t love a guy that can sing and play guitar on stage?

7) What would you like to share with others about Hark Music? Or others who are interested in taking music lessons?

All you need to do, is that one STEP ! Sign up for a course that you think you are passionate about. Don’t hesitate! Don’t doubt! You just need to know your “WHY (you want to take up this course)” and let HARK MUSIC teach you the “HOW (to do it)“. If I can do it , so can you!

8) For some of us, we know you as a comedian after watching you on MediaCorp’s Channel U talk shows like ‘上班不留白Smart@Work. But in the recent Jack Neo movie,The Lion Men’狮神决战, you played a more rebellious role in the show! Are you also like that in real life? Or is there a different side to you that you could share with us about?

‘上班不留白’Smart@Workand ‘The Lion Men’《狮神决战》 are both extreme spectrum of who I really am in real life. Smart@work is who I am 90% of the time when I am with my friends, while my character Sam in ‘The Lion Men’ makes up the other 10% of the rebellious and dark-humorous side of me. I think a more accurate description for me is that i’m like “water”. I take the shape of the other party. I’m easily adaptable to different types of people. At times, I could be quiet (while brainstorming or doing video editing) but I can also be as crazy as dancing on a table in a club! But there is one thing that I love doing for sure, and that is I LOVE making people laugh – OUT LOUD! That’s probably why Librarian hates me! Haha!

9) Do you have any ‘secret’ talents?

HOW DO U KNOW!? If it’s a secret, why would I tell you? Haha! Just kidding, well…I can whistle with my lips tightly sealed! I get to freak out my friends with that! My next goal is to learn to talk without moving my mouth! Gosh, I’m just too lazy to even open it! Haha!

10) Are there any big projects that you are currently working on?
Mr. Jack Neo’s new movie – THE LION MEN 2 is going to be on screen from 12 June 2014 in all cinemas, so I will be busy with filming! Together with some of my JTeam buddies guided by Director, Mr. Jack Neo, we are working on some YouTube videos. Our group is called – ‘Black Humour’ and you can follow us on our YouTube channel called ‘JTV’. This channel is a more direct platform for us to express our ideas as well as showcase our talent to more people around the world!

During my free time, I also take up some self-enriching programmes to improve my singing and of course picking up new skills like the guitar!


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