One of the best way to play piano is to do it with No-Scores.

“It all starts with learning to read music.”

For many, this is a given. Without sheet music, after all, how does a beginner know what notes to play?

Many dread to pick up piano playing because they only know one way to learn it—the score reading method!

It is a tedious process and many gave up before getting to play a proper song. If you think about it, that book is asking a lot of you. With your eyes focused on a page filled with mysterious dots and lines, you’re being asked to curve your fingers, relax your wrist—and all this, remember, while also having to keep track of where C, D, E, and so on, are located on the keyboard.Having to do so much at once, leaves little opportunity for you to use your musical instincts to simply play.

You know–to express yourself. To make music. The results are too slow!
Why not make it more direct? At Hark Music,we impart you with the relevant concepts which you can apply instantly to your favorite pop songs. You will feel more connected to music too!
Simplifying the complexities and group them into essential concepts. With chords and rhythmic patterns, you start playing familiar pop songs and even get to sing along with it!

Don’t get too engrossed in following the exact music instructions. It’s time to have more freedom! We encourage that you exercise more creativity to express your own music style and expressions. The experience is so much more refreshing and exciting!

Piano EXPRESSWAY ™ will help you learn how to play the mainstream pop songs or any songs that you like! We know it is important to make the learning process fun & enjoyable so that you are more motivated to spend your time with the piano.

We know that when the learning is enjoyable, progress is inevitable!


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