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Piano Lessons

Why our piano course is the top choice for many since 1999.

Piano Lessons for Adults

No score-reading.
Go direct to the music.

Learning to read 5-lines score requires a good interpreting skill. Many teens and adults gave up halfway because it is tedious and they don’t feel like they are playing music. Why not make it more direct? We impart you with the relevant concepts which you can apply instantly to your favourite pop songs. You will feel more connected with music too!

Piano Lessons for Kids

Tap on your
music sense.

When we sing, we usually do not need to rely on music instructions. You can actually do so with piano playing as well! During the lessons, we help you to strengthen your pitch and rhythm senses. Combined with the knowledge of concepts and applications, very soon you’ll be able to play what you hear in your mind. The process is so much more meaningful and satisfying.

Play by Ear

Express the creativity
in you.

Don’t get too engrossed in following the exact music instructions. It’s time to have more freedom! We encourage that you exercise more creativity to express your own music style and expressions. Do you know most people prefer to listen to the same song being improvised in a different way?
That’s why in YouTube, you can find many cover songs performed in various unique styles.
The experience is so much more refreshing and exciting.

Piano Lessons

Play your favourite

Everyone feel motivated to practise on songs we like, don’t we? We don’t believe you need to start with kiddy songs or traditional folk songs (if you are not into them), just because they are easy for a beginner. At Hark Music, you start to learn how to play the mainstream pop songs or any songs that you like! We know it is important to make the learning process fun & enjoyable so that you are more motivated to spend your time with the piano.

With our proven system, many have achieved the ability to play a pop song in less than a month.
It’s time you do too!

Course Syllabus

STAGE 1: Foundation

Level 1
Introduction to the “Blacks & Whites” | Music Theory Essentials | Rhythm and Feel Training | Chord-Melody Concept | Basic Chord Construction | Accompaniment Styles Part 1
Level 2
Chord Inversions | Voice leading Principles | Accompaniment Styles Part 2 | Breakthrough Performance

What You Can Achieve:

Play basic chords and accompaniment styles – all achievable in just 4 lessons.

Understand the concepts of chord-melody playing & learn without reading 5-lines scores!

Acquire the ability to play as you sing or with another singer.

STAGE 2: Expressivity

Level 3
Expressive Playing | Relative Pitching Concept | Chord Voicing | Rhythmic Fill-ins | Accompaniment Styles Part 3
Level 4
Basic Chord Improvisation | Song Arrangement | Accompaniment Styles Part 4 | Breakthrough Performance

What You Can Achieve:

Add dynamics and feel for a more colourful and impressive presentation.

Decorate and enhance your playing with rhythmic colours.

Create layerings through varying of accompaniment styles.

STAGE 3: Versatility

Level 5
Harmonised Melody | Syncopated Groove | The Bass-line | Melodic Embellishments | Accompaniment Styles Part 5
Level 6
Identifying Chords by Ear | Analysing Current Hits | Advanced Chord Improvisation | Accompaniment Styles Part 6 | Breakthrough Performance

What You Can Achieve:

Assign appropriate musical ornaments and syncopated groove to decorate a song.

Understand concepts and effects of harmony to create various musical moods.

Create your own improvisation and exercise creativity in your piano playing.

Watch this video!
Learners’ before-and-after
after a 1-day training!

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Our Students’ Experience

Piano Lessons for Adults

I’m really happy that I found this place for learning piano and vocal. I used to learn classic piano before but here I feel more motivated as I can learn to play new songs from the first lesson. It’s interesting and challenging! I like how my teacher Zhiyun gives the information! She is good professional who can help you with your own songs as well, not only with what we have in our syllabus. I like when she shows different varieties of how song can be played and sounds different.

Yulia Varzar, Piano Student

Piano Lessons for Kids

I always wanted to learn the piano since young however didn’t managed to do so till I was in my 20 because of studies commitment. The thought of reading the painful 5 lines notes did scare me off initially, however I chance upon Hark Music School when I was doing my research. I was attracted to the school signature unique selling point of “playing with no score” hence I joined Pop Piano Class taught by Coach Zu Xian in the year of 2016 till present.

Chan Ming Yang, Piano Student

Play by Ear

“If you can’t read music, you’ll never be able to play the piano.” Hark music proves it otherwise.
I took my first piano learning journey by attending the Hark Music 1-day Piano Jumpstart Programme. Hark music used the SKT (Sense, Knowledge and Technicality) model to better understand the big picture of piano playing concepts. Simple approach was taught whereby you started with chords and from there you will be able to play any songs that you wanted instead of struggling with the melodies and sheet music.

YingLeng Tiong, Piano Student

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