Singing Improves Your Speaking Too!

Our body is a living, breathing, vocal instrument. But not many people realize just how important it is. You see, we communicate using our voice on a daily basis, therefore it’s essential for us to use it to its best potential!

An important aspect of public speaking is a natural, powerful and confident voice. Whether you are a teacher who needs to get across a new concept to your students or just simply someone who regularly needs to put forward your opinions to your superior or subordinate, a powerful speaking voice can definitely help you to provide an added advantage.

Ineffective speakers are often faced with common hurdles such as either speaking too softly which distracts the audience, or they start loudly but fade as they go along which affects the impact of the message. Proper projection vs. poor projection really does make a huge difference, so how do we turn the tide and go from zero to hero with our speaking skills?

Singing! And what better way it is to improve how we talk than sticking to the boring old speech training? Through singing activities, of course!

Just as every singing sensation likes to get into acting, the same is true every acting superstar wants to add another feather to their cap by singing. You too can not only hit high notes like your favorite pop singer but also get a kick at delivering Oscar-worthy lines like Morgan Freeman or Meryl Streep!

Hark’s Vocal EXPRESSWAY TM promotes effective management of breath, controls of voice balancing, volume and pronunciation of words and vowels through various singing exercises.

Many of our Vocal students felt that they speak better subconsciously after months of singing lessons. This is as good as killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

Read more about our comprehensive Vocal Syllabus here and you can also use your SkillsFuture credits.






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