Singing worse after taking lessons?

You started taking singing lessons and after a few lessons, you felt you sounded worse. What’s wrong?
This is something that we called ‘Conscious Incompetence’. This is applicable to all kinds of learning. 
Don’t get demoralised when you hear yourself sounding bad, just like – don’t beat yourself up when you get the wrong answers during a test. Every wrong answers give you the opportunity to know the right answer. Most importantly is that you don’t commit the mistake again.
Now, let us share with you “The 4 Phases of Learning”:
Phase 1: Unconscious Incompetence
This is when you are not completely unaware on areas you are not good in. Example, before taking singing lessons, you do not know what the poor habits you are committing. 
  • What you will feel: Blissful Ignorance.
  • What you need to do to move to next phase:
    Find your purpose.
    Ask yourself – why do you want to take up lessons? What do you wish to achieve?
Phase 2: Conscious Incompetence
After taking a few singing sessions, you start to gain the awareness of how you sound or do.
As your techniques take some time to build, you will start to ‘catch yourself’ committing them.
This is, in fact, a good thing! That means your acumen has improved. You are now able to correct yourself when self-training. Acknowledge that you will start feeling “clumsy” executing the techniques. 
  • What you will feel: Awkward, Frustrated, Dejected
  • What you need to do to move to next phase:
    Practice and constant conditioning on daily basis
Phase 3: Conscious Competence
Suddenly, you felt something different! You start to enjoy the new voice you have!
  • What you will feel: Accomplished, Happy of the new experience
  • What you need to do to move to next phase:
    Program it in!
Phase 4: Unconscious Competence
Eventually, you want to be able to execute the techniques with unconsciousness. This would mean you are free to express, without reminding yourself. This is what we call, sing from your heart, not your mind. You are ready to sing with conviction!

  • What you will feel: TRUE ENJOYMENT!
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