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Why our singing course is the top choice for many since 1999.

Vocal Coach

More than just

Other than the technicalities of producing a pleasant & powerful voice, we also teach you the underlying concepts so that you can monitor your own progress.

Vocal Training

See the
Big picture.

Be enlightened on the why, what & how in whatever you are doing. It gives you a strong sense of purpose and fulfilment towards achieving the results.

Learn Singing

Kick old habits,
learn good habits.

It is not difficult to master a new technique. Many times it is your bad muscular habits that are slowing you down. Let’s cast them out for a smoother ride.

Singing Lessons

Thousands have

From ‘tone deaf’ to ‘sharp ears’. From a ‘bathroom singer’ to a ‘singer who shines on the stage’. We are always there to support you!

Course Structure



The excitement never ends.

It’s time to improvise and explore songs in various music styles


Vocal Range

Hit the high notes the right way!

Maximising the capabilites of your Chest-Head-Mixed voices.



Touch the listener’s heart

Combine the techniques with how you would express your emotions


Tone Balance

Start with finding your true voice!

Tone stability and overall balance set the first impression that last.




Find your true voice

Breath Control
• Diaphragmatic Breathing
• Dantian (Core Energy)
Voice Balancing
• Chord Closure • Open throat • Soft Palate • Mask • Elevation
Diction & Vowel
• Ah Ay Oh Ee Wu
• Aw Uh Eh Ih Yu



Touch the listener’s heart

• Fade • Cut • Accent/Soft • Crescendo/Decrescendo
Song Management
• Song Structure • Lyrics Interpretation • Story Telling
Voice Switch
• Chest & Head Voices
in Extensive Range



Max out & improvise

Voice Blending
• Chest-Mixed • Head Mixed • Belting
Stage Presence
• Gestures • Facial Expressions • Mic Handling
• Melodic • Rhythmic • Voice Styling



Wow the audience

Advanced techniques,
more performing

Taught by Lead Coach

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Learners’ before-and-after

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Our Students’ Experience

Vocal Coach

Before I got to learn about Hark Music, I was at a total loss of how I could improve my vocals. I did not know the right way to go about it, and there was nobody to advise me if I was doing it right or wrong. Now that it has been more than a year since I’ve been with Hark (time flies!), I am truly glad to be learning under Coach Shirlene Tia.

Catherine Soh, Vocal Student

Vocal Training

Attended Vocal Jumpstart lv 1 last Saturday after wanting to try it for so long and it was worth it! Am no way talented and more prone to tone deaf but the coaches are very patient and you can definitely see how passionate they are with music. Not to mention their simple yet effective teaching methods. I guess if you’re a bit lost then after this session at least you can find out what’s your position, what’s the correct technique and where to continue from there. 😀
It was fun and enriching at the same time. Thank you for the amazing experience!

Eriani Kuswadi, Vocal Student

Learn Singing

I love listening to music but my singing is terrible so decided to sign up for the Vocal Jumpstart and it was superb! Even though it’s just a short period of time, Amos and David manage to pick up the areas that each of us needs to work on and the methods they taught were simple yet effective. It was indeed a fun and enriching experience!! Thanks!!

Jing Chong, Vocal Student

Singing Lessons

Went to a One day Vocal Jumpstart Programme last Saturday. The techniques that was taught were very helpful. Saw a big improvement in my ability to sing with a strong base. Eventhough, I was shaking so much before I went on the stage and then blanked out when I was performing, I see it as one of the many challenges that I have to overcome. One thing I love about Hark is that there’s an opportunity to perform monthly. It was so different for me to be singing in front of a group of strangers. The experience was liberating in a way. Being vulnerable, expressing my emotions, sharing another side of me.

Sopisa Ngampakdeepanich, Vocal Student

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