Interview with our Vocal ExpressWay Graduate – Jolene Tan!

Sometimes, all it takes is a leap of faith to realise your potential. Meet Jolene Tan, a teacher by profession, a musician at heart, and a realist for passion. Learn from our very own graduate from the Vocal ExpressWay™! 

1. What is the main reason for joining the Vocal ExpressWay™? 

I wanted to learn how to sing better with the right techniques. Joining the Vocal Expressway enabled me to achieve that within a shorter time of 2 days.

2. Describe your experience in the programme in 1 statement. 
Empowering: You never know you can until you try.

3. Describe the change you felt in all aspects before and after the programme. 
I learnt singing techniques that enhanced my singing abilities which I never knew before. I also felt more confident in my singing abilities. Before the programme, I never had the confidence to sing in front of an audience, but the programme boosted my confidence by challenging me to do that.

5. How has this experience helped you in other aspects of your life?
It increased my self-confidence and it made me believe in myself more, that we have the ability to achieve more than we think we can.

6. What is the next song you wish to conquer with your new-found skills?
Titanium by Sia.

7. Who in Hark Music inspired you the most?
All the coaches – Amos, Xin Yun, Leonard and Trixie, who taught or guided me during the programme inspired me in many different ways.

8. What do you enjoy most being part of the Hark Music family?  
The opportunity to be inspired and in turn, inspire others.

9. What would you like to share with others about Hark Music?
Hark Music is a conducive place to learn more about music and singing. The coaches are all very approachable and knowledgeable. They are able to tailor the lesson to your needs and abilities. Learning singing here is a fun and enriching experience.

We welcome you to be part of Hark Music, and like Jolene, we hope to inspire all of you out there~ 

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