Learn composing tips/techniques with up & coming artiste – 姜洋 Jiang Yang!

Hark Music is proud to present a song composing sharing session for an up & coming singer-songwriter – 姜洋, Jiang Yang.
Other than to impress you with his powerful vocal performances, he will also be sharing his composing experiences and knowledge gained through the years.

Jiang Yang recently released his debut album and has achieved more than 10,000 record sales within a week of release in China. Last week, he was invited to perform in 新加坡e乐大赏》at The Float@Marina Bay on 13 March 2010, alongside with regional stars 陈奕迅, 梁文音, Olivia Ong, JJ林俊杰, ,韩国组合SHINee, 蔡健雅, 林宥嘉, and many more.

Special guest appearance by 张乐声, Zhang Lesheng!
Lesheng has won 2 Mediacorp’s STAR AWARDS 红星大奖 in 2004 & 2007 “最佳主题曲” for his composition works 《跟着我一起》― 电视剧《宝家卫国》主题曲 & 《爱在身旁》― 电视剧《我爱我家》主题曲. He has written more than 40 compositions for Mediacorp’s TV productions such as 《天。使我爱你,《喜临门》1&2,《三十风雨路》, 《同心圆》1&2, 《一房半厅一水缸》,《黄金路》 & has lent his enduring vocals for the theme songs in 《喜临门》,《真心蜜语》,《情来运转》,《同心圆》. Besides contributing to Mediacorp’s productions, he has also gained overseas recognition with his 30 over works which include 《可爱》 杨丞琳, 《庆幸有你爱我》 蔡淳佳, 《我的答铃》 郭美美, 《December》潘嘉丽, and many more.

With the vast experiences of these 2 composing talents, you will doubtlessly be enlightened & inspired during this 2-hr session.

There will be an ‘on-the-spot’ challenge where they will compose a song (complete with melody & lyrics) together!

Come and witness this incredible feat!
Make a date with us and get inspired by these 2 talented musicians

Date: 22 March (MON)

Time: 7.30-9.30pm (Registration starts 6.30pm)

Entrance: FREE ADMISSION (Strictly 1st-come-1st-serve. No reservation allowed.)

Venue: Hark Music Performing Studio, 62 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188660

More about 姜洋, Jiang Yang

Jiang Yang started learning music at a very young age. Wih his excellent piano skills, he started taking part in many competitions and went through many obstacles that caused him to evolve from a passionate young musician to a refined singer-song writer.

Not only being the producer of his album, Jiang Yang composed 4 of the songs and had written lyrics for 7 songs for his debut album <将。阳> which received very good comments from critics.
His debut album was released in China on 19th January 2010 and has achieved over 10,000 copies within the first week of its release.

Check out his Music Video at http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/NixUEEOUz8c/
Check out his blog
at http://blog.sina.com.cn/caiofen


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